Job Update

Big news…I got a job! It’s been a bit of a roller coaster but I finally received an offer! I am going to be teaching Algebra 1 – and only Algebra 1. I’ll only have 1 prep my first year of teaching! This means, of course, that I can completely obsess over my lesson plans until either I believe they are perfect or I collapse from exhaustion. It’ll be interesting to see which of those happens first.

Of course, I still have lots of stuff to do. I have to convince someone at the department of education to give me an intern certificate so I can actually sign a contract. They’ve told me this will take 2 weeks to process but I’m hoping I can beg and someone will take mercy on me.

I need to get in touch with my department head (I have a department head now!) and find out what curriculum we’re using this year (I have a curriculum!) and figure out what I’m supposed to be teaching when the school year starts (I will have students!).

Interestingly, the school year starts on my birthday. I’m going to try to avoid telling the students it’s my birthday, because that is likely to lead to some of those questions I don’t want to answer, like “How old are you?” and “Do you have a boyfriend?” and “How long have you been teaching?” Especially that last one. I really don’t want to answer that one on the first day of school.

I have to figure out what school supplies I will need, what I want my classroom to look like, and what I want to go over with my students the first day/week of school. I’ll be teaching freshmen, so there will probably be a lot of “Since you’re in high school now, you are responsible for your own messes” and “If you fail this class, you won’t just move on to the next one like you did in middle school”. That will be a rude awakening come May.

While I’m doing all this prep stuff, I have to finish my Calculus 1 class and Education Psychology class. The Ed Psych class doesn’t even end until a week after school starts.

I’m really excited about my new position, but that excitement is tempered by an increasing amount of oh-shit-I’m-actually-doing-this. Seriously? What kind of idiot puts someone who has no idea what they’re doing in charge of the academic success of 125 kids?

That right there is the real problem with becoming a teacher. I have just as much responsibility as the 30-year veterans, but I have no clue what I’m doing yet.


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