Monthly Archives: January 2015

I Love My Job

7:30 am – Arrive at school to begin preparing for the day, which starts in an hour. Since I’ve been at my school for a year and a half now, most of the rest of my department knows better than to talk to me in the mornings at this point. If they do it’s short and to the point.

7:50 am – A, who is an Algebra student, comes in to my room insisting that he “didn’t get the homework last night at all!” which I know isn’t true but he insists. I spend about 3 minutes reminding him of yesterday’s lesson and clarifying instructions for him, and he does the whole assignment 100% correctly in the next 15 minutes. Honestly, if all of my Algebra students would come in and see me as often as he does, they all would have earned As last semester like he did. A looks pleased with himself and I remember that I love my job. Continue reading