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Week In Review – Week 4

Financial Literacy

We started the week with a quiz on bank accounts, balancing a checkbook, and simple interest. After the kids were done with the quiz, I used a pop culture reference to introduce compound interest, which was the next thing on the curriculum calendar.

See, I am awesome. I intersperse my lessons with pop culture references. Continue reading


But are we learning?

A couple of days ago, one of my students asked me if I was going to stay up that night to see Mars. It was news to me that Mars was doing anything special, but I didn’t ask him to clarify. I just explained that no, I was not going to stay up late to see anything. I was going to get some sleep, because “I am a much nicer person when I’ve had a decent amount of sleep. Trust me, you want me to get some sleep.” Another student asked me if that’s why I’ve been so nice to them lately. Continue reading

Crazy-Busy, and One Good Thing

So have I mentioned I have a new job? I mean, like a second job. I didn’t change schools. I am still teaching at the same school, which lost its grant coordinator last year. We are receiving a grant for before- and after-school activities worth over a million dollars over 5 years, and this is the second year. The guy who was coordinating the grant last year is still in our district, but moved to another school. Anyway, I’m basically going to be in charge of overseeing our before- and after-school tutoring and enrichment programs. Our teachers have some cool ideas for things they want to do for enrichment, and many of them have stepped up to do tutoring a few hours a week, so I’ve got the schedule nicely filled out. It’s all coming together, but it’s been a lot of work. Continue reading

Noah’s Ark

One of the things I started my Algebra 1 Support classes off with on the first day of school was Fawn Nguyen’s Noah’s Ark problem.

Wait. Before I begin, I want to say this problem is REALLY HARD. I worked it myself a few times, couldn’t figure it out, and finally wound up needing Fawn herself walk me through the logic of it. (Of course, once you see the logic, it makes so much sense. Also, in my defense, I was on the right track, and then got distracted with something else and didn’t continue that train of thought.) Continue reading