“I Like This, Miss!”

Something interesting has happened while my Algebra 1 classes have been working on Noah’s Ark and Barfing Monsters.

One student stayed after class on Tuesday to continue working on the Noah’s Ark problem during lunch. When he left the room (because I told him he couldn’t stay for the whole lunch period because he does actually need to eat), I looked at my colleagues who joined me for lunch and said, “Did you see that?! He wanted to stay so he could keep working on that problem!”

Yesterday, this student stayed a couple minutes after school so he could check in with me on his progress. Since he had to catch the bus, I finally told him that I wanted him to take a break from it last night and look at it again today. He’s so close, in fact he has work on his paper that looks correct but doesn’t match what he was telling me. I think he got confused because he was trying to rush through his explanation.

Yesterday after class, however, the most interesting thing happened. We’d just spent the period working on Noah’s Ark and then Barfing Monsters, and he came up to me at the end of class. He was holding his Noah’s Ark worksheet and gestured toward the board (which was still displaying a slide from Barfing Monsters) and said, “Are we going to do problems like this all year?” I said, “Not every day, but I’m hoping we can do a lot of these kinds of problems.” He nodded, and said, “Even if we don’t, can you still give me problems like this all year? I want to do them!”

Seriously. That happened. In my classroom. I’m still kind of in shock.

Obviously I said yes, so now I need to find some cool problems that I can give him to work on when he asks again. I’d love suggestions!

This kid needs to play with my Tiling Turtles. He would love those.


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