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TMC15 Reflections

This could be a 2500-word post. I’m going to try to keep it short, because it’s late and I’m tired.

First, I want to say that I’m really glad I went to TMC this year, as opposed to last year. When I finished my first year of teaching, I knew that it hadn’t gone well. I spent the summer focused on how to improve my classroom management so that I wouldn’t lose my mind again. If I had gone to TMC in the middle of all that, two things would have happened. First, I would have been frustrated at the lack of sessions on things like classroom management that new teachers are worried about. Second, I would have learned about tons of cool things that I could be doing in my classroom, and I would have been overwhelmed by them. “How am I supposed to do cool tasks and discussions with my students when I can’t even get them to shut up with I need them to?!” So I’m really glad I went to TMC after a good school year, because I was ready to learn about how to continue improving.

Side note: I set a resolution for myself that I will blog at least once each week this school year. (I planned this resolution before TMC, but I wanted to say it. I’m committed now.)

What I Learned That I Want to Use This Year

  • Number talks (I learned about this before TMC but was able to cement the concept in my mind during a flex session)
  • Talking points
  • Numberless word problems
  • Feedback without grades
  • Which one doesn’t belong?
  • Music cues

Next Year – TMC16

  • I’m going.
  • So is my roommate/colleague